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Semi Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo & Microblading


Eyebrows tattoos - Semi permanent eyebrow makeup in London

Our Semi Permanent eyebrow makeup treatments in London are designed to restore, repair and enhance, giving the illusion of full, perfectly shaped, symmetrical brows - a long-lasting look that’s incredibly natural.

Eyebrows are not one style fits all and that’s why Natural Enhancement is the home to an exceptional team of expert stylists, who use their brow know how to create bespoke brows that are the perfect fit.

Choose from wide range of brow services:

Whatever your brow ambition, we can help you achieve realistic, precisely drawn hair strokes, which will undoubtedly enhance your appearance and help your brows reach their full potential. If you'd like to find out more about semi permanent eyebrow tattoos in London, get in touch with our expert team by clicking the button below or by calling 0208 995 2200. 

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Semi Permanent Eyebrows

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Semi Permanent Eyebrows London

Eyebrow Treatment List


3D Eyebrows London

(Hair Stroke Eyebrows) - £475

3D Eyebrows in London are created using eyebrow enhancing, ultra-fine hair strokes that blend seamlessly into your natural brow.

If perhaps, you have barely visible or thin eyebrows, which can be caused by over plucking or ageing then we would recommend this treatment.

3D brow treatment will mimic your existing brow to enhance its natural shape creating a lasting effect that requires little maintenance.

Ombre Eyebrows London

(Shaded Brows) - £545

100% customisable, Ombre Eyebrows in London will give a shaded look just as if you would have applied a brow powder.

If you have some eyebrow growth but are looking to add to their definition or correct their shaping, this will be an excellent treatment choice.

Choose from natural, translucent, defined or made up and bring a better focus to your eyebrows.

Microblading Eyebrows London

(Brow Architecture) - £480 

Our London Microblading eyebrow treatment builds on the natural landscape of your brows. Microbladed eyebrows are long-lasting with feathery hair strokes that give the impression of real brow hairs.

If you want to avoid the hassle of filling in your brows each morning then Microblading eyebrows in London will be the perfect option to make your dream brows a reality. 

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Semi Permanent Eyebrows London

Tattoo Brow FAQ's - Everything you need to know

How Long Does It Take?

Both the Ombre and the 3D hair stroke eyebrow treatments take around 2 hours.

This includes your consultation.

What Happens During a tattoo eyebrow treatment?

There’ll be a consultation where we’ll make sure your natural colourings, face shape and desired look are all carefully considered before creating a template for your new, enhanced brows.

We use an electronic hand piece to trace over the template so the colour is precisely infused. Afterwards your stylist will show you your new look, then apply aftercare products to soothe your skin and encourage healing.

Does the tattoo eyebrow procedure hurt?

We use a numbing agent so discomfort is very minimal. Throughout your eyebrow tattooing treatment your stylist will check with you to see if you are in any pain.

Our clients usually rate the discomfort as about 2 out of 10, if they feel any at all. 

How long do tattoo eyebrows last?

Quite unlike tattoos, Microblading and tattoo brows are a Semi Permanent makeup treatment, which means they will not last forever. However, they will last around 36 months before they begin to fade.

Will I be able to go back to work straight afterwards?

Absolutely. Typically the area around your eyebrow tattoo treatment may be slightly red, but that should be the only after-effect.

Does Microblading ruin your natural brows?

Truthfully, opting for technicians without the proper formal training and experience can seriously ruin your eyebrows. If the procedure is not performed properly the eyebrow root area can become damaged preventing any further hair growth.

All our stylists have extensive portfolios of treatments and have been through our training course, which is recognised by the awarding body ITEC. You’ll always receive state-of-the-art procedures, using the highest quality equipment.

Do you provide aftercare for semi-permanent brows?

Yes – a complimentary refill treatment and aftercare products are included with your treatment. Tattooed eyebrows typically last between 12 and 24 months.

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