Eyebrow microblading in London

Eyebrow microblading in London


Naturally defined brows in 2 hours

The overall treatment takes approximately two hours - and your consultation can be included within your microblading appointment. Here our pro-brow stylists closely consider your existing eyebrows, your face shape and features, natural colourings and desired look to create a personalised template for your new, enhanced brows.

With our virtually limitless choice of colours, we’ll choose the right shade most suited to your complexion.

We’ll talk in detail about what it is you want, we listen, discuss and advise. Call us on 0208 995 2200 to book your consultation in West London.

Your personalised eyebrow template

During your consultation, we’ll style your personalised template in conventional brow cosmetics so you can preview our design - and we’re open to further adjustments to ensure you’ll be entirely happy with your new enhancement. See Is Microblading Right for You?

The process of microblading eyebrows in london

After your initial consultation, we’ll begin the microblading brow treatment.

We use the latest microblading technology - a high-tech hand piece with super fine needles, to gently etch hair strokes into the skin, creating finely feathered brows with permanent makeup processes. Our microblading hand piece has a unique pointed tip which allows our stylists to precisely place each hair stroke to mirror the pattern of natural brow growth.

Microblading is a one-way ticket to better brows - so no matter what we’re starting with, we can create face-flattering brows that blend perfectly into existing hair, or entirely reconstruct your brows if they’re non-existent. All of our results are long-lasting - anywhere from 1 to 3 years and make your daily beauty routine quick and easy.

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Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Before And After

Eyebrow microblading in London


A pain free process for perfect eyebrows

Prior to your brow treatment we use a topical numbing agent to minimise any discomfort you may feel throughout the process. Our clients report the pain level as tolerable to none. Throughout the treatment your stylist will check to see if you’re in any discomfort and re-apply anesthetic to ensure you’re okay. What is the difference between microblading and micropigmentation? Read here.

Professional microblading stylists

Our stylists are fully trained and insured and aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible. You can then enjoy brows that make an incredible difference to your look. Meet your stylists. The attention to detail of our team means you receive perfectly shaped, fuller, defined eyebrows.

Preparing for Your First Microblading Session



All of our stylists are professionals in permanent makeup and have all been a part of our award winning cosmetic training course, recognised by VTCT and ITEC.

Complete Microblading eyebrows aftercare

You leave with the complete aftercare treatments and products to help the tattooed brows heal up fast. Around 4-12 weeks after the initial treatment a tune-up appointment is booked in to touch up the colour pigmentation to enhance them even further. A similar technique is known as microshading.

We also advise you on ways to best care for your eyebrows a few days after the first treatment to avoid any loss of colour pigmentation. Contact us today.

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Eyebrow microblading in London

Looking after your new eyebrows

Much like a tattoo, your eyebrows will undergo light flakiness during the healing process. This is completely normal. It's important not to pick at your brows - no matter how tempted you might be - and allow them to heal naturally.

Wash your eyebrows every morning and evening with water and gently pat them dry. Don't worry, this won't remove the pigment. For optimum results, it's advised that you avoid the following:

  • Facials, Botox and peels for up to four weeks
  • Long, hot showers for 7 days
  • Direct sun for two week
  • Heavy Exercise for one week
  • Swimming for 14 days
  • Make-up or skincare on your eyebrows until they've healed

Roughly 6-8 weeks after your first treatment, you'll be invited back for a top-up session to make any minor adjustments

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