Biotek Semi Permanent Makeup Machine

Biotek Semi Permanent Makeup Machine


There’s Nothing Quite Like Biotek

Biotek is a world leader in permanent makeup technology and technique, with a heritage that stretches back 30 years. The company recently invested millions in expanding its research and manufacturing facility, and continues to develop state-of-the-art semi permanent makeup technologies and cutting-edge industry education programmes. We use the latest Biotek technology in all our courses.

A Global Network Of Talent

Biotek’s two academies in Milan and Rome and its many certified schools around the world provide the assurance that its specialists are trained to the highest international standards.

And by continually sharing best-practice techniques and application methods around the globe, Biotek’s world-class professionals can keep technicians up to date with this ever-changing industry.

So wherever you practise in the world, you can use professional devices, needles and pigments backed by a system that consistently delivers to the highest international standards of quality and consistency.

Biotek Semi Permanent Makeup Machine

Biotek Maestro - Semi Permanent Makeup Machine

With its aesthetic design and smart use of high-tech materials the Biotek Maestro is the latest generation of permanent makeup technology and a true Italian icon. Here’s 7 reasons we love Maestro:

The holy grail of performance

The Maestro is able to perform perfectly across the full spectrum of aesthetic and medical treatments because it’s equipped with two handpieces. One with a strong hit, designed for maximum saturation effects, and the other with a soft hit, intended for smooth shaded results. This is a device that sets the benchmark, whilst still maintaining an affordable price.

Power and precision

Maestro's powerful micro-motor propels needles into skin effortlessly and with optimum precision. That means minimal skin trauma, so minimal discomfort for your clients - plus the ability to create the finest detailed work.

Fully equipped for resistant skin

Responsive digital technologies intuitively feel resistance in the skin and automatically increase the Maestro’s needle pushing-power, as well as maintaining a constant needle speed. All this adds up to an unparalleled intensity of colour in the skin, faster treatment times and fewer retouches too.

Pre-set for success

Maestro’s 60 pre-set programs across brows, eyes, lips, scars, areola, scalp pigmentation and vitiligo automatically adjust the device to best mode for achieving a specific effect, making it easier for beginners to pigment like a pro. And if you’re more experienced and want to adjust the settings to suit your personal style manual mode is also available.

Hybrid intelligence

With versatility in mind Maestro can hybrid into a microneedling device, allowing you to offer skin rejuvenation treatment, in conjunction with Biotek’s Reliftalia cosmeceutical skin range.

Wireless foot pedal

With the revolutionary wireless foot pedal you can control the remote ignition, without hindrance, without wires and without losing your ‘skin stretch’.

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Biotek Semi Permanent Makeup Machine

How To Use Maestro - Check Out Our Tutorial

Not sure how to set up your Maestro? Watch the video and find out how to navigate the sub-menus, how to connect the handpieces and start using your Maestro immediately.

Watch the video
Biotek Semi Permanent Makeup Machine

Why Biotek Pigments Are So Unique

A spectrum of possibilities

Biotek pigments span across a colour-spectrum of 160 shades that look good in every skin tone.

Super-concentrated and economical

A super-concentrated formula allows double the number of treatments to be achieved from a 10ml bottle - in fact one treatment session only costs £2.00.

Uniquely colour stable

Biotek Laboratories have achieved a colour-stable pigment through their production processes focused toward:

  • Strict selection of only highly pure raw materials
  • Sintering bases above 1200 ° C
  • Bio-coating of pigment molecules to make it more difficult for the immune system to detect the pigment
  • Embedding a cross-linked molecule
  • Anti-UV treatment

Guaranteed Sterility

Biotek pigments are subjected to gamma ionization at a dose of 25kGy, which guarantees their sterility.

Airless Pump Bottle

Airless pump bottles guarantee the sterility of the pigment for 5 years and provides just the right amount of pigment for each pump made, eliminating wastage and allowing every last drop to be used, sterile and safe.

Safe And ResAP2008 Compliant

Biotek Laboratories hold ISO9001 and Good Manufacturing Practices Certification guaranteeing their pigment production quality. The pigments are fully compliant with ResAP2008 assuring the purity of their raw materials.

Tests acknowledge Biotek pigments as:

  • Ammine free
  • Nickel free
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Non-mutagenic
  • Non-genotoxic

Extensive Safety Tests

Extensive safety tests carried out by the University of Pavia conclude that Biotek pigments are well-tolerated for human use. 

    Nickel Allergy

    Over 28 years Biotek worldwide customers have undergone over 10 million treatments without reports of nickel allergy, and with their latest pigment series it’s possible for Biotek to claim that nickel traces are below the threshold that cause reaction in humans.

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    Biotek Semi Permanent Makeup Machine

    Biotek XS Microblades

    The XS series of microblade tools are nanoblading at its finest.

    Available in two configurations the XS microblades have ExtraSlim pins with diameters of 0.18 and 0.15 - so you can create uber-slim hair strokes.

    Other reasons we love XS microblades include:

    • They have flawless, sharp needles packaged with a protective plastic cap
    • The microblade tools comes fully assembled
    • They eliminate the risk of cross-contamination due to the complete hand tool being sterilised and one-use-only
    • Lot number and expiration date
    • Ethylene oxide sterilised
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