How long does it take for semi permanent eyebrows to heal?

How long does it take for semi permanent eyebrows to heal?


Semi-Permanent Makeup Healing Process

Natural Enhancement studios have been offering semi permanent makeup treatments in London for over 12 years. We have thousands of happy clients across London. See our before & afters.

The healing process differs from person to person and depends on several factors. It takes on average one to two weeks for your eyebrows to heal and another week or two for the pigment to set. Find out if semi permanent makeup is for you.

Natural Enhancement technicians use cutting edge Biotek technology for all treatments.

Read our guide to the healing process below.

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Semi Permanent Eyebrows

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How long does it take for semi permanent eyebrows to heal?

There are three stages to the healing process:

1. Weeks One and Two

Typical side effects include redness, swelling and skin sensitivity in the brow area. This is completely normal and should last only a day or two.

After the first week, your brows will form and shed a light scab revealing a lighter more natural finish. We recommend that you avoid sunbathing and water activities or sweat-inducing exercise for these first two weeks.

2. Weeks Three and Four

You can use a cold, damp compress to soothe any irritation or itchiness rather than scratching. We advise our clients to avoid any picking or scratching for the best results.

3. Touch Up Procedure

Your technician will assess your brows and correct any areas with additional strokes or by adjusting the pigmentation. We recommend that all clients book regular touch ups every 12 months or so.

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How long does it take for semi permanent eyebrows to heal?

We provide free aftercare advice and products

Complimentary aftercare products are included with your semi permanent makeup cost. We will supply you with a moisturising balm to apply to your eyebrows at least 3 times a day.

Hair stroke brows and microblading cost from £475 with special brow effects like ombre or latino brows from £540.

Your makeup technician will explain to you how to take care of your brows while they heal and how to keep them looking amazing for longer. You can always call our studio on 020 8995 2200 with any questions about your treatment.

Natural Enhancement are the top studio for semi permanent eyebrows in London.

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