Is permanent eyebrow makeup painful?

Is permanent eyebrow makeup painful?


Most people we talk to are naturally a little apprehensive or nervous about getting their eyebrow tattooed, because of fear of any discomfort or pain. All of our treatments are safe and performed by a professional. 

The eyebrow tattoo strokes we use to form the brow do not penetrate as deeply as a body tattoo, which means the treatment is far less painful. Numbing agents are also used to reduce the sensation of discomfort.

Many clients say that their eyebrow makeup treatments feel more like gentle scratches. Others have said that discomfort is around a 2 out of 10.

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Semi Permanent Eyebrows

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Is permanent eyebrow makeup painful?

No pain and plenty to gain

Visit our London clinic for semi permanent makeup that lasts and lasts.

Our technicians will apply numbing cream to your eyebrow area during the treatment.

The area will go almost completely numb, so you’ll hardly feel any sensation of pain from the tattoo needle. It is all perfect safe and all our technicians are fully trained.

The Biotek needles we use are made from the stainless steel typically used for medical implants. Each tip will smoothly penetrate the skin with minimal discomfort because the needles are silver-soldered together and prevent the configurations from spreading apart.

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Is permanent eyebrow makeup painful?

Will it be sore afterwards?

Once the treatment is finished, a soothing cream is applied to the area.

Your eyebrow area will probably feel a bit tender after the treatment, usually for an hour or two. Any soreness will be gone by the next day.

There’s no reason why you can’t carry on with your normal daily activities after an eyebrow treatment.

Is semi-permanent make-up worth it?

We say yes! Have a look at our before and after gallery for some examples of our work and see how amazing you could look with semi permanent brows!

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