Why the rich & famous get their eyebrows tattooed

Why the rich & famous get their eyebrows tattooed


Must-have beauty treatments

Most us of can only dream of naturally full, thick and defined eyebrows just like model Cara Delevingne.

Normally we’d have to fill them in with powders and gels to achieve this look but ever since 2013, semi permanent eyebrows have been the must-have beauty treatment.

A-list celebrities like Megan Fox, Rihanna and Katie Price have all had their eyebrows enhanced with semi permanent makeup. Visit Natural Enhancement and you can have A-list eyebrows too.

Why choose microblading?

  • Very few people are blessed with the perfect eyebrows.
  • With bold, dramatic eyebrows being on trend year after year, it makes sense to invest in long lasting, amazing looking brows.
  • Specialist microblading techniques allow our expert stylists to create an incredibly natural and realistic look, just like your favourite celebrities.
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Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Before And After

Why the rich and famous have semi permanent eyebrows

Reasons to have semi permanent eyebrows

  • 1. Look your best every single day
  • Wake up feeling confident with your dream eyebrows. No need to worry about filling in your brows with pencil; semi-permanent make-up needs virtually zero upkeep.
  • 2. Enhance your natural beauty
  • It’s true that eyebrows frame the face. With precise shaping, careful colour blending and perfect symmetry, your new brows will lift and display all of your features to their best possible advantage. See eyebrow styles for face shapes.
  • 3. Perfect eyebrows whatever the weather
  • No need for desperate trips to the ladies’ to check whether your makeup has run. Whether you’ve been sweating in spin class, enjoying a swim or got caught in a torrential downpour, your eyebrows will always look sensational.
  • 4. No need to buy expensive makeup
  • Regularly buying new eyebrow pencils and gels can be expensive especially if you are into high-end makeup. You never need to worry about running out of eyebrow pencil again! A one off treatment gives you sensational eyebrows that last between 12-18 months.
  • 5. A professional makeup look every day

Your eyebrows will be expertly tattooed on by a highly qualified creative stylist using advanced microblading techniques. Our creative directors have years of experience as well as all the latest training resulting in the most beautiful brows in London.

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