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3D Eyebrows


3D Eyebrows in London

Our 3D eyebrow treatments have been developed and offered by Natural Enhancement for over 12 years at our London clinic.

We use the very latest 3D eyebrow techniques that allow us to not only enhance the colour of your brows, but to draw individual hairs into the skin. This simulates hair strokes that allow our highly-skilled technicians to blend pigments to lift, define and revitalise your eyebrows.

Natural Enhancement offers 3D hair stroke brow treatments that truly rejuvenates your brows, enhancing them and creating a stunning, natural look. Our 3D eyebrow stylists can redefine your eyebrows, making sure they’re full and perfectly symmetrical.

Clients who’ve had thinning eyebrows, over-plucked, or have lost their shape have been left amazed with the results our 3D eyebrow treatments are able to achieve. We want to give your eyebrows a captivating, natural definition that revitalises your confidence in your natural beauty.

If you have thinning, over-plucked brows, or just want to redefine and reshape them, our 3D eyebrow treatment may be suitable for you. You can call us on 0208 995 2200 or fill out the contact form below to book now. 

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Semi Permanent Eyebrows

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Semi Permanent Eyebrows London

The difference between HD and 3D brows

If you're not sure how 3D brows differ from HD brows and you want the brow low down, read on and let us walk you through the treatments.

3D brows use an advanced tattoo technique to create the look of ultra-fine, long lasting hair strokes that blend seamlessly with your natural brow hair - while HD brows are a process which involves a combination of brow treatments, including tinting, waxing and threading. 

3D eyebrows create the look of hair growth if your brows are sparse and patchy or if your brows are completely missing – plus they’re a much more permanent choice than HD brows.

How long do 3D eyebrows last?

Because the results fade overtime, it’s recommended that you have a colour boost procedure every 15 months allowing you to maintain your look.

The cost of a 3D eyebrow tattoo

3D brows are an affordable choice if you want to enhance your brows in order to improve your looks, feel confident and save time.

Prices for Natural Enhancement’s 3D eyebrows start from £350 for a two hour procedure. View our price list or click the button below to book your semi permanent makeup enhancement today.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows London

How are 3D Eyebrows Done?

3D eyebrow tattoo treatment is ideal if you are looking for an extra natural and soft effect. The result achieves a long-lasting makeup effect that makes your daily beauty routine quick and easy. 

We'll being with a consultation so we can ensure the look we create for you is exactly what you want. That includes analysing your face shape and colours, as well as creating your new look in conventional makeup.

We then use an electronic pen to follow the template so your 3D eyebrows can be precisely fashioned into the brows you desire. 

Our stylists utilise your natural brow and implant ultra-fine hair like strokes, that blend with your existing brows. They'll also create the illusion of new hairs where you don't have any.

Our London clinic can create 3D eyebrows that enhance your appearance. We also provide an after-care service, including products that help maintain your new 3D eyebrow tattoo.


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