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What is semi permanent makeup?

Semi permanent makeup is an advanced form of tattooing, however we do not infuse the pigments, as deeply into the skin, so the results we achieve do not have the permanency of a conventional tattoo.

The specialised techniques used for semi permanent makeup are also referred to as permanent cosmetics, permanent makeup, micropigmentation and cosmetic tattooing.

Will I benefit from semi permanent makeup?

If you’re over 18 and use cosmetics it’s likely you’ll benefit from the liberating pluses of wearing semi permanent makeup.

Feeling flawless, looking younger and saving time.

Semi permanent makeup can enhance your features with a soft natural look or be applied with the purpose of replacing makeup.

It’s a convenient alternative if you have allergies to conventional makeup or you’re sporty and want to look your best without worrying about your makeup smudging or sweating off.

It’s a must-have if your vision is poor or you have difficulty applying cosmetics due to dexterity related conditions – and of course it's great if you’ve got a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to spend applying and refreshing makeup throughout the day and evening.

Does having semi permanent makeup hurt?

We often get asked the question ‘is semi permanent makeup painful?’ Most of our clients tell us no – ‘a bit uncomfortable yes, but not painful’.

During your treatment to maximise your comfort, we’ll use effective numbing agents and state-of-the-art Biotek apparatus - designed to cause minimal skin trauma and the least discomfort too.

Is semi permanent makeup safe?

Absolutely. Following a code-of-practice that ensures your semi permanent makeup not only looks good - it’s completely safe as well, is the DNA of our ethos.

We follow rigorous sterilisation and disinfection guidelines and like medical devices, our micro-pigmentation equipment is safe by design against cross-contamination.

We use sterile, CE class needles and Biotek pigments, which meet the highest safety and non-toxicity standards – and we perform allergy testing too.

How long does semi permanent makeup last?

Semi permanent makeup lasts about 24 months, but it’s difficult to generalise because the fading process is dependent on so many variables – for instance, if you who love to tan, it’s likely that your enhancement will fade faster.

We recommend that you return to refresh your enhancement every 12-15 months and the charge for this is approximately half the original price.

How much does a semi permanent makeup treatment cost?

The average price of our semi permanent makeup treatments is £450, which includes a styling consultation, the pigment application, aftercare products and a follow-up procedure.

Our medical treatments average out at £300 per appointment and in most cases several sessions are required. Visit our prices page for more information.

How long is the recovery time for a semi permanent make up treatment?

There’s no real downtime and most of our treatments certainly don’t stop you doing your normal day-to-day activities. See our aftercare page for more information.

What will I look like immediately after my semi permanent makeup treatment?

You’ll have minimal redness and swelling for the first 24 hours and for 4-10 days the colour will be 40% darker than the look you want to achieve – a bit like wearing heavy makeup.

What if I don’t like my semi permanent makeup?

By listening closely and creating a template enhancement in conventional makeup prior to creating your enhancement, we make sure you’ll get the precise result you expect. Your experience will be bespoke and collaborative. We’ve delivered 1000s of treatments for clients who are in love with their new look.

Even though the procedure is considered long lasting, don’t forget you have the flexibility of changing the colour and the shape to some extent.

Can I have an MRI scan if I have semi permanent makeup?

There is little or no potential for irritation resulting from MRI scanning however, with that said it is sensible to inform your MRI technician that you have micropigmentation.

Does semi permanent makeup work on black and Asian skin?

Semi permanent makeup looks great in black and Asian skin. However, as with conventional makeup muted-natural colours will not be as visible, especially in the case of lips - so we recommend that either vibrant, or darker shades be used to best showcase your enhancement and your complexion.

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