3D brows – a simple step to perfect eyebrows

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How often do you have to touch up Microblading?

After your first initial appointment, it’s always important to arrange a follow-up microblading touch-up session. This allows your eyebrows enough time to heal. Our microblading technicians will be able to add any further filling or re-shading that is needed to truly get the desired results.

The purpose of a microblading touch up is to refill areas of your brow that didn’t retain the pigment. Every client has different skin types that absorb the pigmentations differently. Natural Enhancement will provide deeper shading for brow refining and redefinition to get the perfect results for your eyebrows.

A microblading touch-up treatment is carried out at our London clinic. We’ll be able to arrange a follow-up session at a time best suited to you after your initial microblading treatment with us.

How Long Does Microblading last?

Because microblading isn’t as invasive as cosmetic tattooing nor is it implanted as deeply into the skin, the area of the microblading will gradually fade. Browse our treatments.

There are a number of factors to consider how long a microblade treatment may last. 

Results will always vary from client to client. Some may have dry or oily skin, their current age and how they look after and maintain their skin too. We recommend that clients should have a touch-up after 10 to 16 months.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows

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Semi Permanent Eyebrows London

Are you interested in becoming a Microblading artist?

If you’re interested in becoming a microblading artist, Natural Enhancement offers a range of courses that we carry out at our training academy. We’re based in London and have helped countless inspiring makeup artists to get into the growing beauty industry.

With the help of our highly experienced tutors and renowned artist, Tracey Simpson, we’ll give you extensive training and workshops that will help you grow as a microblading artist. See course overview.

Contact us today on 020 8995 2200 for more information on our microblading courses and treatments. We’re based in Brentford and you can also contact us here today.

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3D brows – a simple step to perfect eyebrows

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