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Natural Enhancement offers you natural and beautiful hair stroke eyebrows


Hair Stroke Eyebrows

Hair stroke eyebrow treatments are capable of enhancing and redefining your eyebrows. Natural Enhancement offers leading eyebrow treatments at our London clinic, and we take great pride in planning and performing the very best possible treatment for each individual client that visits us.

Our incredibly gifted and highly-talented team of natural eyebrow stylists are incredibly experienced in hair stroke eyebrow and permanent makeup treatments.

Our London clinic gives them exclusive access to the very latest technology and insight into leading eyebrow techniques. Our brow enhancement treatments are designed to complement your unique facial structure and features, creating a beautiful, natural and attractive look.

Feather Eyebrow Tattoo

Our extensive research has enabled us to develop leading techniques that produce long-lasting and natural results. Feather eyebrows is a unique procedure that mimics your own eyebrow hair. This allows our brow stylists to create a feathered effect.

The feather eyebrow tattoo treatment can also be used to create eyebrows even if there’s no brow hair present. Read our client reviews.

Natural Enhancement is capable of creating natural-looking eyebrows, and our feather eyebrow tattoo allows us to do so. The lasting effects allow us to frame your eyes and drawing attention to them, allowing you to regain confidence in your natural beauty. Book a consultation.

Hair Stroke Eyebrow Procedure

We recommend hair stroke eyebrow treatments if you’re looking to re-construct, define or fill any gaps for your eyebrows. This is a perfect treatment for clients who have lost brows through over-plucking.

The eyebrow stylist creates ultra-fine, delicate hair-like strokes that’ll blend seamlessly into your existing brow hair. This creates long-lasting, natural-looking eyebrows.

We want to expertly enhance your brows. Restore your confidence in your eyebrows and appearance with Natural Enhancement today.

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Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Before And After

Semi Permanent Eyebrows London

What’s involved within the treatment?

The treatment achieves ever-stunning eyebrows - brows you’ll fall in love with.

During your two hour appointment, there will be a consultation where your natural colourings, face shape and desired brow look are all considered. Next we create a design template so you can view what we recommend, before we actually create your brows. We talk you though our design ideas, but you're the final decision maker and have total control over your new look.

The treatment entails using an electronic handpiece that allows us to draw on individual hair like strokes, which are precisely applied to build your new brows. Following your hair stroke treatment, you're good to go - with flawless looking hair stroke eyebrows. Book now.

Hair stroke eyebrows cost

Hair stroke eyebrows, otherwise known as feathered eyebrows are a great choice if you want an affordable treatment to enhance your facial features.

Our rates for hair stroke eyebrows start at £350 with our stylists.

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Semi Permanent Eyebrows London

Eyebrow aftercare

Whilst your brows begin the recovery process you may notice minor redness around the treated area. This normally lasts a few hours only.

Aftercare products are included with the treatment, ensuring the brow healing process is simple and easy.

At Natural Enhancement, we offer a complimentary feather eyebrow tattoo tune-up where we fine tune the result. This is normally about a month after your original treatment. See Pros and cons

Hair stroke eyebrows vs. microblading

Microblading can be used to create hair stroke brows by implanting super fine, hair-like marks into the skin using a manual hand tool.

Hair stroke eyebrow tattoo on the other hand uses a digital eyebrow tattoo technique to infuse slender hair-like strands, deeper into the skin, achieving results which remain longer than microblading hairs.

Contact us to see if the hair stroke eyebrow treatment is suitable for you.

Permanent brows in London

We’re located in Kew, near Chiswick. We are easily accessible, with Kew Bridge railway station being a 2 minute walk away.

You can find us at our address:

Natural Enhancement
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Middlesex, TW8 0FJ

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