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Long-lasting Semi Permanent Eyeliner Tattoos in London

Never battle with smudges or streaks ever again.

A Semi Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Treatment in London accentuates your eyes, enhances their shape and gives volume to your lash-line, making lashes look thicker and fuller.

Our careful care and precision means that we are able to apply the treatment to your specifications.

We specialise in creating natural and discreet looks as well as successfully designing thicker and intense lines on the lower and upper eyelids. 

Choose from the smokey effect, understated lash definer or cat's eye. 

Our expert team of experienced permanent makeup artists are highly-trained in applying the perfect permanent eyeliner that gives a lifted, youthful finish that is flattering on a range of eye shapes.

That’s why our positive reviews say it’s the perfect eyeliner treatment. If you'd like to find out more about tattoo eyeliner in London, get in touch with our expert team by clicking the button below or by calling 0208 995 2200

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Tattoo Eyeliner

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Tattoo Eyeliner

Semi Permanent Eye Makeup Treatment List

All of our Semi Permanent Tattoo Eyeliner Treatments include a refill procedure as well as aftercare products.

Discreet Lash Enhancement London

£295 (upper or lower), £340 for both

Micro-defining points of pigment are placed between each lash to give the effect of a fuller lash line.

Fine Eyeliner London

£350 (upper or lower), £395 for both

Pigment is placed between the lashes and extended to the crest of the lash line, giving you the equivalent of a fine eyeliner.

Thick Eyeliner London

£395 (upper or lower), £460 for both

Pigment is placed between the lashes and the line is extended beyond the lash line to give the effect of a thick pencilled eyeliner.

This classic thick eyeliner sits between day and evening makeup and the lower lid can have a soft smudgy effect.

Super Thick Eyeliner London

(Graphic Design) - £580 (upper or lower), £650 for both

Amp up the drama with bold, graphic super-thick eyeliner, with optional Latino flicks. This is high-precision tattoo eyeliner that builds from fine in the inner eye, to thick and winged at the outer edge.

Shaded Eyeliner London


Effortlessly stunning this technique combines a lined eyelid look with a soft, powdery effect that’s elegant and works for all ages.

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tattoo eyeliner fAQ's - Everything you need to know

How long does permanent eyeliner procedure take?

Semi Permanent Eyeliner appointments are about 2 hours long, which includes a consultation of around 15 minutes. Contact us today.

How is semi permanent eyeliner done?

Once you’ve decided on the colour, shape and thickness of your tattoo liner, we’ll begin carefully implanting the pigment into your skin.

Your eyes will be closed for most of the procedure, with the lids gently held taut to reduce blinking and movement.

If your eyes are prone to watering, don’t worry – this will not affect the end result.

Do semi permanent eyeliner tattoos hurt?

You should feel very little discomfort. There’ll be a numbing treatment applied to the eyelid area, which is topped up throughout the treatment.

how long does tattooed eyeliner last?

Typically Eyeliner Tattoos can last a year, however the pigment can last for two or three years. The treatment will not last forever - pigmentation fades after a time. Most clients come back for touch ups every year or two. 

Will I be able to go back to work straight afterwards?

It’s up to you. There may be minimal swelling and redness after your liner tattoo treatment – as if you’ve been crying recently. This will disappear after 24 hours.

Do you provide aftercare?

Yes – a complimentary tune-up and aftercare products are included with your eyeliner tattoo treatment. You can also find out more about aftercare on our dedicated advice page.

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