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How Much Do Permanent Makeup Artists Make a Year?

The makeup industry is a huge market and it continues to grow. The amount that a semi permanent makeup artist earns will depend on their decision to work as a self-employed individual or to work for a salon / somebody else.

Being self employed offers flexible working hours and the possibility of working globally. The potential for income varies massively. However, if working for a salon, you may have fixed hours and salary. 

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Semi permanent makeup is a highly skilled and specialised profession which requires more training than a conventional makeup artist; therefore people are willing to pay more for their treatments.

Treatments vary in price, starting at £165 and can cost up to £1,000, which gives you an indication of how profitable the market really is.

A successful and dedicated artist can earn up to £100,000, however the average salary is £30K - £50K. This is completely dependant on how well you market your business and what prices you are offering treatments for. Work clever and earn big.

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Gain a Professional Qualification with Our Training Academy

Becoming a semi permanent makeup artist is now easier than ever. Gain your skills with one of London's best training academy - Natural Enhancement.

Start with our beginner course which requires NO previous experience. This is a great way of stepping foot into one of the best industries in the UK. Click here to see how long the process takes.

From here, you can then train further to gain additional skills in the artistry of semi permanent makeup, including medical tattooing skills. Find out more.

Our advanced courses allow you to specialise in a particular treatment, such as hair stroke brows and lip liner.

Buy Your Kits with NE

The first step to becoming a successful permanent makeup artist is to have the right equipment. Natural Enhancement is here to help you make the right decision. Shop yours.

Our Biotek kits have everything you need to kick start your career.  The Professional Kit has needle cartridges, pigments, marketing materials and professional supplies, giving you the best start to show casing your skills.

For more information about becoming a semi permanent makeup artist in London and surrounding areas, get in contact with NE today.

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