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I Had My Eyebrows Tattooed: My Experience

I recently had my eyebrows done at Natural Enhancement and I want to share my experience.

The first thing I want to say is that Natural Enhancement is amazing. The team are completely professional and I felt comfortable to say what it was I wanted and didn't feel pressured at all.

Why did I have my eyebrows tattooed?

I have always had quite thin, sparse brows and dreaded filling them in everyday to look 'normal'. It took far too much time and effort.

My friend has her eyeliner tattooed on, so I spoke to her to get her thoughts and she recommended microblading.

The main reason I went through with microblading was because of how great and natural the results looked and I wanted mine to look the same. This would also deal with my problem of filling them in everyday. Is makeup right for you?

There is a difference between microblading and micropigmentation. More.

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“Its now been over a year and I am still very happy with the results. I am going for my top up this week.” Claire

What was the process?

Everything that was discussed in the consultation was reiterated at my second appointment. I was happy with the template that Jasmine had drawn and was excited to go ahead. Find out what your technician should do for you.

The treatment took around two hours.

Jasmine applied some numbing cream on and around my brows to ensure discomfort was kept to a minimum. I must admit, when Jasmine was working, I felt no pain at all, apart from a few minor scratches.

When Jasmine finished, she showed me the results in a mirror.

I was completely in love with my brows. The shape, the way they defined my face, the thickness - everything about them, I loved them and they were my dream brows.

At first, they were extremely dark, but she reassured me that this is a completely normal step of the process and they would fade within a few days to the final colour.


The aftercare / healing process

Jasmine gave me a few aftercare tips that were extremely helpful. She said that after a few days, the swelling and redness would go down, which it did.

For the first week, I wasn't allowed to get them wet, sweaty or apply makeup as this could compromise the final colour, especially as the brows weren't fully healed.  When washing my face, I used a small cloth and missed out the area near my brows. Every morning and evening I would apply the moisturising balm to my brows.

After about four weeks, I went back for the complimentary tune-up appointment. As I was completely happy with the results, there were no adjustments needed, but just a simple colour touch-up.

A few weeks on and my brows are looking more perfect than ever. Thanks to the team at Natural Enhancement; such a brilliant clinic.

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