Semi permanent makeup


Semi-Permanent Makeup Methods

The Methods behind Semi-Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows.

Semi-permanent makeup techniques have become an increasingly popular and dependable treatment for enhancing eyebrows. At Natural Enhancement, our trained professionals cover a wide range of eyebrow techniques at our London-based academy.

“Natural Enhancement is a fantastic academy that teaches you the fundamentals of eyebrow techniques that involves semi-permanent makeup.”

These types of techniques have their own benefits and advantages depending on the client’s needs, budget and style. See: Everything You Need to Know.

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"I have been returning to Natural Enhancement for SPMU all areas again and again. Very happy with the results. Natural looking and stunning."Jenny


Microblading is one of the most popular semi-permanent makeup treatments for eyebrows. Unlike other treatments, microblading is done manually by the makeup artist as they undergo a process of inserting pigment into the layers of the skin.

“The desired effect of microblading is to give the client a natural look. This is achieved by inserting pigment that gives the eyebrows their fullness and shape.”

The results will allow the client to have a natural look that could last in excess of 12 months. Treatment will be needed again when the pigment gradually fades.

Ombre Eyebrow Treatment

Based in our London Academy, our team of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup specialists take great pride in developing treatments in the beauty industry. The ombre treatment focuses on creating dark arches that fade into lighter tones. It focuses on enhancing your brows shape.

Our detailed and comprehensive courses focus on your own skills at offering the right ombre eyebrow treatment based on the client’s skin tone and the ideal shade for you to use.

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Hair Stroke Eyebrow Procedure

The hair stroke eyebrow procedure is greatly beneficial for clients that have lost brows through over plucking and want to reconstruct their eyebrows.

“Semi-permanent makeup solutions have allowed clients to have eyebrows they can be confident with.”

Find out more about Natural Enhancement here and what we can do to help you begin your career in the semi-permanent makeup industry.

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